New Gathering

Posted: January 26, 2015 by Ty in Musings
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Ah readers, for those who have been following my family’s journey for community, you know it has been a winding road. It has involved and evolved out of our home, and a journey through many types of Christendom, that did see movie nights, games nights, play nights, bible studies and potlucks.

Yet the goal has been simple, an open space where all are welcome to explore what it is we believe, why we believe it and how it makes our lives, and the lives of others better. This is the piece of the journey we are hoping to renew through our involvement with the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living, we have launched a book group in our home that has seen us meet to discuss two books so far: Wizard of Us by Jean Houston and As We Think so we are By James Allen. Both were excellent metaphysical life books, but we realize purchasing a book can be a barrier for some, hence the next step.

Ernest Holmes’ text “Science of Mind” is a foundation text in New Thought, and one that can be heard and discussed wherever you are on your spiritual quest. So here we are, with a potluck brunch on Saturday mornings, and what is taking shape is a reading from Science of Mind and wherever the discussion will lead us.

What’s missing?


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