Virgin Soul?

Posted: January 27, 2015 by Ty in Marian Liberation Theology, Mary of Nazareth
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Thanks to the bookstore at the Centre, and a wonderful wifey, I have come into possession of a new collection of writings of Joseph Campbell on Bliss. It is a good and deep read, as he moves through mythologies exploring deeper meaning, religious meanings, psychological. It is interesting as he speaks of the Hindu culture moving from literalism to symbolism, but what struck most is his reflections on Christendom.

Specifically there is the usual historics of how many of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) stories reflect oral traditions from the Goddess tradition that showed a twinning of Male-Female, yet these tales brought forward a strong singular Patriarchy that silenced the Mother Wisdom.

But I digress, the intriguing theory that stuck in my mind was in regards to Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, that Christendom would later term the Christ. It was two simple words: Virgin Soul. Not Virgin Girl. Not young woman. Not Virgin Mother. But Virgin Soul.  This term struck me as profound in my morning meditation, as it creates this space within the Mary story for others who want to explore the feminine and the spiritual without surrendering to dogmatics around immaculate conception or Ascension. One doesn’t even have to enter into the debate on how Jesus was conceived whether via Angel, Holy Spirit, Roman Centurion or Joseph…

For Virgin Soul speaks to who Mary was at her core. This non-entity in her world, but a holy person. One untouched by cynicism, corruption, abuse of the holy, in fact I would say it speaks to a soul that resonates with unity with the Spirit within, without having lost that connection through trauma.

Reflect on it, Mary’s Virgin Soul opened her up to the wonderful blessing that  a child raised to see what is just, compassionate and loving could do in this world. A path was laid out by a woman for her illegitimate son that transformed the world. The heart of this life for the young Jesus bar Mary was simply:

What Would Love Do?


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