Morning Reflection

Posted: January 30, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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Over the last few mornings in my meditation and coffee time before work, I have been reading Thomas Troward’s The Edinburgh and Dora Lectures on Mental Science (New Thought Heritage Books, 1989 originally published 1904 & 1909). It can be quite thought provoking to journey back to a time when metaphysics were truly starting to emerge out of Christendom for a fresh perspective on creation, life, love, compassion and how to approach the Biblical Book of Life.

it was a segment on page 170 that caused me to pause and think this morning. It draws us into personalizing the Resurrection story, not as a historical event, but as a personalized spiritual event in our unity with Spirit. “The Resurrection takes place, not on the Sabbath or Seventh Day, but on the Eighth day which then becomes the First Day of the new creative week.”

It is true for Easter Sunday was the first day of the week, literally, with Saturday historically being day Seven or Sabbath. Yet it was pointing out that the Resurrection, new life in co-Creation with God, where we leave our adolescence wandering phase that we entered as Adam/Eve when we left the Garden of Eden and entered the world. This is the time of life journey, when we re-enter our parents home, not rebelling, but recognizing the mutually beneficial, the mutually healthy, the interchange of mentor/protege, caregiver/care receiver, mutual interdependence that comes out of true healthy love. It is also the unified co-Creation with our spiritual birther that is within us and with us all at once.

“The principle of the Resurrection is the realization by man of his individualization of the Spirit and his recognition of the fact that, since the Spirit is always the same Spirit, it becomes the Alpha of a new creation from his own centre of being.”

-Thomas Troward (p. 170).

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