Reflecting on the Devil

Posted: February 2, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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Enrolled in a prosperity course, the family went on to Self-Connection Books to purchase some, well, books. Among those discovered that day, was Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil. Written originally in 1938, the legend the modern published holds is that it was kept hidden for over 70 years because of the secrets it held. The wives and business partners were scared about the teachings found within this allegory would be too ground breaking.

Now I admit I haven’t completed the book, I am 1/3 through, but there is metaphysical and sociological writings that are advanced for the time period, and seem quite modern to the reader in the 21st Century. Just reference the writings upon smoking and liquor, but I digress.

The book journeys into some memoir of Hill, and touches on that it isn’t always success writing and study that one needs, but rather failure study, for in our failures we discover how to truly live. This is taken further as Hill enters into a dialogue with the Devil. Now the Devil here, is quite spiritual, for it is not about the out there, cloven hooves, tailed with horns and pitch fork, or the more modern slick sales man, but rather the Devil is the negative energy, the dark part of our soul, twinned with the Holy, the light part of our soul.

Much like the Aboriginal Parable of the wolves within, which one will you choose to feed?

Negative or positive energy?

Which one will you choose to let shine?

Choose to shape your soul and being?

Outwitting the Devil is not about a game of chance, but more about understanding that the voice of negativity, the energy of negativity can lead your life down a path of destruction as it sucks you into your failure. What is needed is a true understanding of your Unity with Spirit, and walking in the light.

What is left, is the choice for the individual to make? And those we choose to bring into our lives to feed that energy source.

  1. alienspleasetakeover says:

    I need to read this book. Any chance i can borrow it??

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