Great Crime Fighters: Clean Up Duty Part One

Posted: February 6, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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The coffee was strong, melt your spoon in the cup strong, but what do you expect from a truck stop. Rick Saturn scratched the scalp stubble of what was left of his hair. The Mayor had asked him to meet the older gent sitting across from him with the half eaten bacon and eggs sipping on the black coffee. The new reality after the City Hall Slugfest that brought the Great Crime Fighters quasi-back on line to replace the new breed of heroes.

A mop up mission for Johnny Power and Speedster, the new “heroes” were violent, but they had no concept of team work or even how to deal with those at the same or higher power level. It made the cross country junket quite fun for the two renewed heroes as they arrested them all and they are in the hopper to stand trial.

But now, John MacCurtis, Mayor of Calgary, also the renewed PinBall who has partook in taking down some of Alberta’s new ones. Louis Regis being the oracle of lining up the take downs, Canada was leading the charge on cleaning up the Supra scene.

Rick sipped the coffee, this was one of 2 recruits left to talk to. “Okay Shotgun.”

The older guy looked like Grizzly Adams, he scratched his long salt and pepper beard as he took another mouthful of hash browns. “So it truly was a pubescent in that armour that used to take me down all those years ago?” A deep belly laugh erupted from Shotgun. “And I have heard of your posse moving out and taking down all these rookies. But what do you want with me, I left the life behind.”

It was Rick’s turn to chuckle. “You are a survivor Shotgun, you didn’t quit, you know when to keep your head down so one of the rookies didn’t take your head off.”

“You really think I feared those punks.”

Rick smirked as he dropped three pictures on the table, three rookie heroes over the last four years found riddled with shotgun pellets. “I know you didn’t. The question arising now comes whether or not you want to be with the angels or go away for murder?”

Shotgun smiled this time. “Why?”

“The G.C.F. always had the best, but we’re missing a few slots due to natural causes.”

“You’re offering me Shades’ old slot.”

Rick simply nods. Jake “Shades” Slick was a trick shooter, who left the agency that Regis worked with, and became a hired gun of protection for the rich and famous against Supra threats. He was offered and accepted provisional membership within the G.C.F. near the end of the cycle, he was taken by prostate cancer.

“We need some grit.”

“The Bionic Knight coming and offering me a get out of jail free card?”

“Think of it more as a probation, but yes. I know the three were worse than you ever were.” Rick was alluding to McKay’s use of rubber bullets during the times they would dual. He only went lethal when there was a contract involved. A subtle truth only Rick knew about his old foe.

McKay nods. “Well Rick, names William.” Shotgun offers his hand, Rick accepts.

  • * * * *

John walks around the desk in the rebuilt mayor’s office. Zed sat on a leather love seat in saffron robes, head cleanly shaved. No one knew this man’s ancestry, or true life story, he was an enigma of the Supra set. Zed had claimed life experiences dating back to Before Common Era, but no one with any sanity held to it as truth.

No one that was but John MacCurtis. Zed sipped his jasmine tea as John sipped on terrible governmental coffee.  Regis had gotten the G.C.F. legitimate status once more with the Government of Canada. The Agency was backing them from afar as they cleaned up the mess of the new Supra surge, the young punks all bluster no bite were easily being put in their place which was jail cells as dangerous offenders and no possibility of either getting out or more appropriately found guilty on grounds of insanity which means that they are locked away in forensic hospitals until they are deemed safe and sane, for Supra’s that means that geneticists have also found a way to de-power them.

“Zed we need your wisdom at the table once more.”

“Who are you kidding, John, we never had a table, we had a circle of chairs.” Always the pragmatist, Zed had designed the meeting room used to ensure a positive flow of openness and energy for the heroes. “Johnny and Speedster are making quite good headlines, same as you and Regis. Where’s Rick?”

“Sorting out some personal things with Susan, as you can imagine with the way that B.K. came back, the death of I.K. and the depowering. Well, Susan was less than pleased.”

“Yet Rick is still involved behind the scenes with recruitment, as I can figure he would be talking to his first opponent and ongoing one, William “Shotgun” McKay. But you are hoping I will be able to join up again, and head to Gothic to see if there is still a Street Avenger in the bloodline there.”

“Very astute old friend.”

Zed took another sip of tea. “What are you not telling the country?”

John sat down in a leather arm chair kiddy corner to the love seat. He let out a slow sigh. How much to reveal to his old mentor? That was always the question once you were working with a person like Louis Regis.

John stroked his chin and let out another sigh. “It’s big.”

To be continued


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