Soul Sludge

Posted: February 6, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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The Journey of Forgiveness

It is a step of release

Yes without it

Negative energy consumes the soul

Creates negative energy around

But one must be ready

To release the sting of lies

The sting of attack

The sting of destructive rot through

Actions, words and deeds

Upon a loving home

Yet unable to release



Unable to keep out

Constant reminder

Ignorance on the part of the other

To the destructiveness of words

And the other not taking responsibility

Yet holding onto the anger

Liked drinking poison

And expecting the other to die

But will the anger be released?

For one’s own sanity

It must

And the sludge leaks out of the chakras

The energy renews

The bright light bursts

The darkness recedes

The heart heals

The body exhausts

The mind elevates

A new day

To begin again

But releasing the grip of control

Of the hurt

The pain

Let the flames consume the actions of the past

And know to move forward

The person’s manipulations closed off

To move forward

To preserve

The love





Of a family home.

Forever more

And so it is.


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