Transcendental, metaphysic, shaman, monastic, mystic, spiritualist, healer oh my…

Posted: February 6, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal

It has been an intriguing journey of discovery in the waning months of 2014 and the early months of 2015 for my family, but most notably for myself. Moving forward and wondering/pondering about calls unanswered (to some, would say perhaps prayers) or things gone askew to downright nasty and wonder why? Why was revealed during a time of reflection for the prosperity course my wife and I are currently taking. What did not turn out the way you thought it would?

It was quick guesses for me, the chaplaincy training program that fell through, led into a wonderful yearlong sabbatical that culminated in my return to my renewed, and I believe true vocational calling for this part of my life’s journey.

What of my call to ordination, that did not turn out as expected as I chose family and love over dogma and theological abuse. Yet it was educationally the stream I took, what I dedicated my life too…and some would say why when the pulpit is empty of a collared Dr. Ragan. But if it was not for the ordination journey, and equipping my mind to explore, think outside the box, essentially become a philosopher and discover Franciscan Charism and other mystics, my path would not have moved deeper into a metaphysical universalism that finally brought my family spiritually home into the New Thought systems. And that is as well for the journey with church.

For the Christian Church may have left me, but in my ministerial life of creating, building community and outreaching, shaping a worldview of non-judgment has aided growth in my chosen vocation.

My Mum when alive and watching my passionate discourse through many types of spiritual, philosophical schools always stated one day I would find a home of where I belonged.

And I have.

It has been a blessing, and the little things were laid in my journeys. Thank you to my love for the Un-Valentine’s gift of Braden’s Spirits in Rebellion: The Rise and Development of New Thought it traces the early spiritualist, transcendentalist and metaphysical roots of the teaching I am currently immersed in. More to that, it speaks to something I have known for a while, as it showed within these roots was a tug towards Eastern philosophical schools.

All schools I have journeyed in. And the idea that Christian Science (yes I have had loose associations with that contemplative service, yet unable to go completely that medical science was unnecessary, cause logically well it just seemed silly not to have a doctor), yet Christian Science until it took the hard turn of anti-medicine was well within the auspices of New Thought, now they are two paths with same roots (akin in imagery for me to say the Orthodox/Catholic fork in the road).

Dash in a splash of Shamanism renewed this week as I cracked a new tomb of Shamanic teachings. I really began to resonate with this teaching when I took in the rites of Munay-Ki and learned more energy healing. Through this I have perfected my trance to go deeper into the unseen world. It was a next step from my Druidery time, and exploring things within new ageism like Roar to leave the personal body and carrying forward from my meditation within Buddhism which introduced the concept of Tulpa to me.

Feeling home, and finally acknowledging what release needs to happen to be home comes in many shapes and forms. For me, it was a trance like sleepless night, when visited by a Tulpa, my Mum, who came to acknowledge that this is where my family was to be. That she was proud of where our journey had taken us, the things we have learned, and that which needed to be released no matter how hard to ensure a new existence, a new life.

A renewal of true Spirit as we are one in the world.

The new journey is finally acknowledging the path that was always known for us, and now to walk the path with pride, love, hope, joy, peace, faith, but most of all love.

For it is within this teaching that the True Jesus we always knew was revealed, and in this trance discussion was acknowledged for knowing the true guidance of life is asking and answering the question for our actions:

What Would Love Do?


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