Great Crime Fighter: Clean Up Duty Part Two

Posted: February 7, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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Gothic City, Alberta’s weather was always damp, it had meteorologically confused itself with Vancouver, B.C. Zed pulled a hood up on his robes to try and abate the rain on his bald scalp as he moved through the grave yard with McKay, the rain dripped off the brim of his black cowboy hat, the mud was outstripping the grass.

“Okay Zed we have seen the Katz’s’ tombstones, now what?”

Zed looked at the water soaked paper list. “The last active one was a Wulf.” Zed stated as the paper finally fell apart.

McKay flips the brim of his hat. “Here it is, Jack Wulf.”

Zed looked at it. “Then that is it. The lineage of the Street Avenger is gone.”

McKay’s eyes scan to a tree. He silently motions to Zed as there is movement a few feet away. Someone is watching them. McKay continues walking up the row of grave markers getting closer to the tree, the form tries to move.

A quick swipe of a saffron robed arm and the mysterious form lands squarely in a mud puddle, it goes to rise and a double barrelled 12 gauge is levelled in its face. A grey bearded face with wild hair and a grey trench coat. “Alright mate, stay down.”

Zed moves to stand beside McKay. “Who are you and why are you following us?”

The mystery man’s eyes bear confusion as he moves from the gun to the monk. He stammers, and stutters trying to find words, but how could he put his thoughts into words that these two would find believable.

McKay study’s the darting mixed colour green blue eyes. His mind flashes back to earlier days, of fun and laughter, when he was the darkest bad ass. The days between Kevin Katz as Street Avenger, and Jack Wulf as Street Avenger, when Kevin’s son, and Jack’s uncle. “Doug is that you?”

“Mystery tis a mystery what darkness lurks in the soul of man and heart of woman.” Stated the mixed coloured eye man.

Zed notes underneath the black trench coat is a red kerchief like some 1930’s pulp fiction knock off of the Shadow. “Is not, who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?” Zed dictates in his best radio announcer voice.

A crackle of blue energy around his eyes as he tries to rise from the mud. The air shifts, McKay tries to pull the trigger but flies backwards and slams hard into a fir tree. As the man in the trench coat floats up and the mud slides off. “I am Mystery. Alpha and Omega.”

McKay picks his hat up off the ground and puts it back on as the sky crackles with lightning. He had forgotten that the Street Avenger was a telekinetic, and depending on the age of the new generation the powers grew exponentially. A powerful burst like that was reminiscent of his fights with Doug. But Doug was supposed to be dead.

Though it would not be the first time a Supra did not die, or died and came back. Zed was keeping Mystery distracted, either this was a Street Avenger, and needed help and would eventually join the G.C.F. for the mysterious time to come that MacCurtis kept alluding too, or he was some newbie that needed to be put down and placed in jail.

Zed raises his hands palms up towards Mystery causing the floating man’s gave to follow the damp saffron robes. McKay pumps the shotgun, aims… “Hey fuck you Mystery!” The floating man turns and the buck shot explodes feet away slamming into Mystery’s face and neck twirling him around to a roundhouse from Zed and putting him down in the mud unconscious.

McKay nudges the unconscious body with his cowboy boot, and notices a chain tied to a wallet in a back pocket. Zed reaches down and pulls it out, flips it open and looks at the provincial identification card.

“Doug Katz. What happened to my friend?” Zed asked.

McKay looks down at the crumpled body of his one-time foe, with a fractured mind now. “That is a good question.” McKay taps his ear piece, “Eh Agent Regis, yea we got the target, we need extraction.”

Thunder rumbled masking the sound of the helicopter landing in the cemetery.

To Be Continued


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