The Great Crime Fighters: Clean Up Duty Part Three

Posted: February 8, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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The Bunker at one point was a super-secret government installation beneath Balzac, AB, unfortunately with the building of Cross Iron Mills Mall the location became public knowledge (it is slightly east beneath the cinema). Regis was in the main command centre looking at the multiple screens showing shots of the country, and then the local security feed of the Bunker.

He absently scratched greying whiskers. McKay was next to him. “Any word on what’s going on with Doug?”

“Zed is in with him, looks like a psychotic break.”

McKay grunts. That would make sense, K had made a play to destroy the Street Avenger legacy, it was a dark time for heroes, and Jack Wulf stood the ground and won, but in the process his family was killed and brutalized in ways that should never be spoken of. This was during the time that Doug was believed dead, if he had come back to find out what had happened, or even after Jack had died defending the city years later, well… It was understandable in that moment that his mind and anchor in reality would snap.

The clean-up mission of Johnny Power and Speedster was going well. Yet no one had truly spoken out loud why Regis and MacCurtis were so concerned with getting the team back together as much as possible. What dire consequences awaiting the country, and them.

“So where is Saturn?” McKay asked.

Regis chuckled. “Seriously man, when he left retirement and vanished into Camelot, believed dead. Susah did not take kindly to that, he is still deciding if he wants in or not.”

“Massive loss of power and experience if he doesn’t join up.” Regis nodded to McKay’s assessment. Even with reports since the collapse of the other dimension, that the Bionic Knight was lower powered, it still was a set that the team needed, and a level of experience and wisdom they couldn’t easily replace. Especially with what was too come.

Meanwhile in another room of the Bunker a few more floors underground, Zed sits levitating in Lotus position at the side of the still unconscious Doug Katz. The man who had claimed the nom de plume, Mystery, and went catatonic at the mention of Street Avenger. But in his thousands of years of cursed immortality, Zed had learned a few things. One was a mixture of astral projection and possession, it just took acquiring the right tonal vibration with an unconscious subject.

The journey within the fractured psyche of Mystery could heal the man or drive them both madder…

To Be Continued


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