The Great Crime Fighters: Clean Up Duty Part Four

Posted: February 9, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps

John sipped on his coffee at the Second Cup in the Public Library across from City Hall. Regis had called in, Johnny Power and Speedster had returned to the Bunker. Zed was still trying to heal Doug’s fractured mind. Shotgun, was well, Shotgun.

Yet Rick had yet to come in out of the cold if it were. This would not work to rally the nation, if the Bionic Knight was not leading the charge. PinBall, well having a long standing history within Canada, he was not as inspiring as the first of the fourth wave. The one that really solidified heroics of a generation.

The door entering into the library slid open, John’s gaze moved from the bench seat to the figure walking in. The stubbly face, and naturally bald head. His old friend, recently reunited, such a long time. But John still remembers the joy a city felt when the golden armoured defender took flight and clashed with the Ionic Knight to protect the city again. The sorrow when it appeared that the defender, the Bionic Knight had died.

No one really knew that he had survived, since returning that day back to Susan, Rick had kept a low profile. He had brought up some tactical knowledge to aid in the grounding of the new wave of more violent heroes, but had stayed in touch just enough.

Rick gets a black coffee and sits beside John. “What’s the scoop?”

Never one for small talk, John noted. Not much had changed since they were teenage adventurers together. “Johnny and Speedster have mostly finished the mop up. Zed and Shotgun have found Doug, but, well he is not dealing so well with resurrection.”

“And Regis is still being a touch melodramatic as per normal?” Rick said.

“You got it. We are almost ready for the next unveiling of the G.C.F. to the country, but…”

Rick laughed. “Susie’s not budging John, sorry man. Behind the scenes, the armour stays, well wherever it goes when I am powered down now that Camelot is gone. I mean really what can be so bad that you 6, I mean 7 if you count Regis couldn’t handle it?”

It was a good question, how could John find the words to describe to his friend what is to come. He had already been through so much. “I am trying to find the words here man.”

Find the words, was an understatement, this was one of the struggles on why Rick knew John MacCurtis never made it past sidekick. Even when he had the mystical powers of Robin Hood as the Bionic Archer, before returning to his original power set as PinBall. The powers that were probably timed to the sky effect that empowered many Supra’s by releasing a repressed DNA sequence in certain Home Sapiens.

“Spit it out Mr. Mayor. I survived the implosion of an extra-dimensional magic realm, the re-absorption of my twin, and coming through almost death. I am pretty sure I can handle this.”

John takes a gulp of his latte. It was time.

“Well, I was dragged into a trance, and as we know energy cannot be destroyed only redirected and…”

“Shit. Herne’s coming.”

To Be Continued


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