Great Crime Fighters: Clean up Duty Part 5

Posted: February 11, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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Susan sipped her coffee. There was graying to her blonde hair. Rick knew he was the cause of it. Or rather his over 20 years as the Bionic Knight. The last few with the Knight away she had been able to relax, they were able to enjoy their children. Be able to not worry if her husband would come home each night. A simple 40 hour work week, nothing more, and nothing less with the occasional overtime.
But now it was different. The last year since the city hall incident, had been different. She had seen the worse outcome possible with his death reported, she mourned, until he came back.
One last time was what he had told her then that was all. There was the true heroes back, he was not needed. And how does he tell his soul mate, that he had lied to knowing that he had tasted the adventure again. He was addicted to it. The flight of heroics, a danger junky if you were. He had missed it. John was giving him a way back in.
But she was the gate keeper. Rick’s thumb played with his wedding band. Susan still sipped on the coffee. Her steel blue eyes boring into him.
“So that’s it. Another godling wanting to destroy the world.” Susan let the sentence dangle.
“Yes. They need me.” Rick said.
“They need you. You are less powerful. They have most of the G.C.F. you served with, and yet they need you? Or do you need them?”
And there it was, the truth of the statement. Rick wasn’t sure that they needed him inspite of what MacCurtis said. It wasn’t about their need was it, was it about his need and just grasping to whatever he needed? God he hated the psychological questions that came with the job. But it was needing an answer, could they not handle Herne without him?
Rick sipped his coffee. “Both. We both know the truth hunni. It is an addiction, and yes I do not have the power I once had since Camelot almost killed me.” Best not to touch on, that he probably had died, and was resurrected through the process of the collapse of Camelot. “But during all this Herne left John, which is why. . .”
“He’s back to just being PinBall. I get it, and with Camelot gone, Herne and his Wild Hunt see our world as easy pickings and. . .Fuck. . . The Hunt is coming for. . .”
Susan’s eyes revealed the truth that not even MacCurtis had told him about the trance. But the Wild Hunt would zero in on those that they believed had imprisoned Herne, the challenge was that Merlin had directed Herne into John MacCurtis, to give PinBall a power up and release the Bionic Archer to protect the world.
As the power waned, and John tried to power up during the City Hall incident, Herne released. But in the release he had gone insane, an insane godling with a pack of demons. Just what the world needed, but the transfigured not for the better pack was coming, and was zeroing in on.
“They’re coming for us.” Susan whispered.
A crackle of lightnine across the sky. Rick’s eyes move to the yard.
“Susan, move.” Susan dodged as lightning burst through the window. Slamming directly into Rick’s chest.
To Be Continued


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