Great Crime Fighters: Clean Up Duty Part 6

Posted: February 13, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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Zed massaged the temples of the unconscious Mystery. At one point and time, the connection between the two was not needed the telepathic nudge of his enlightened mind. Douglas Katz, was the Street Avenger between Doug’s father, Kevin, and his nephew Jack Wulf. Believed killed by one of the K.

If he resurrected, yes the memory of Doug returning to life, his body reforming from the ashes, in the burnt out husk of the warehouse he was believed to have died in. Zed probes deeper. His mantra is simple, “Open the lotus, open your heart.” Letting the heart and essence energy from his heart space, to open into the heart space that is Doug Katz’s the man now calling himself mystery.

Zed’s breath moves into sync with Mystery’s. He feels the crown chakra energy open to his heart chakra energy. Some would call it telepathy, but it is energy work. Where once there was two, now the energy becomes one. The rainbow energy begins to surround the room.

Regis stands in the doorway, across his iPhone is the message out of Calgary of the targeted attack at Rick and Susan’s house. The team was not together yet. He came to get Zed to be able to deploy who was here, but the energy was flowing, the rites were happening, it was time to heal Mystery and bring the team fully together. Regis backs up and lets the door close.

He taps the intercom on the wall. “Johnny Power. Speedster. McKay. Meet in Hangar 6.” Regis releases the button, as he dials MacCurtis on his phone heading down the hallway.

“John, Louis here. Get to the Saturn’s. It’s begun.” Regis curses under his breath on reaching a voicemail.

Zed exhales slowly again. Mystery’s essence was opening to him.

Zed felt the next spiritual plane, his astral projection forming. Yet the essence that is Mystery is fractured into multiple images, none complete. The first step, to step out and trust. A slow exhale in his astral form as Zed expanded his energy aura to catch the fractures, now it was time to see if what people say about soul mates was true.

“I know it hurts Doug. You were dead when they hunted and killed your family, by the time you made your way back, you felt a failure, and I was nowhere either. I am sorry. I should have been there for you. I love you Doug Katz, my Street Avenger.”

The aura’s flare. Tendrils begin to extend and wrap, as an astral projection pulls together to form Douglas Katz, floating. A hand outstretched, Doug’s hand slips into Zed’s and the energy flares.

  • * * * * *

John MacCurtis watched the lightning fly through the kitchen window. They were here.

To Be Continued. . .


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