Red Circle Now Dark Circle Comics

Posted: February 14, 2015 by Ty in Musings
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Okay my geek is firmly on. I remember discovering the “Red Circle” heroes out of Archie Comics, via DC Comics’ Impact Comics in the early 1990’s. Loved Fly, Jaguar, Black Hood, Comet, Shield, Web and the Crusaders. They were fun super heroes at a time when things were dark and gritty. Sadly, I cannot find these epic titles in collected trade paper backs (sorry Archie, just not a fan of the digital comic, old school here).

Then I found a TPB of the Red Circle New Crusaders from 2012 at my comic shop of choice Words & Pictures, the story being the aging Shield brings the children and proteges of the original Crusaders together to take up the mantle. This is after Emperor Brain returns after the heroes believe evil having been eliminated. Again, another fun story line, and I encourage folks to go to their local comic shop and find copies of this, or any singles of the Impact Comics (if you see trades let me know please!).

Which brings us to February 25, 2015 and the Red Circle relaunching as Dark Circle with the advent of Black Hood #1 (Yes already on my pull list). In the vein of Afterlife with Archie and Sabrina, comes a crime/noir super hero story that in my mind gets to the core of the Black Hood.

The Shield, a patriotic hero that pre-dates Captain America, but always in Cap’s shadow as an inferior clone is completely re-imagined for an April relaunch and The Fox is set for March.

Now for my spring to be complete, I just need word that Dark Circle will be bringing back The Comet. As my hope is with these three titles, unlike with Marvel & D.C. hero lines, the world shaking event is done, and the return of fun character driven stories of adventure is back!


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