Great Crime Fighters: Clean up Duty-The Conclusion?

Posted: February 16, 2015 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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Mystery could read the expressions on the bruised vestiges of his teammates. Never had a Street Avenger had the control of their telekinesis to bind someone never mind bind a godling. How would it be explained? In the energy flow, shedding all the soul sludge as his soul mate came into looking for him. Healing the fractured being, allowing the Chakras to take in the rites and to become whole. Whole finally, being able to be who he is, love he is meant to love, no labels, and no boundaries.

Mystery for the first time since he had been resurrected, and the first time in his memory since the day he held his nephew Jack as a baby, Mystery smiled genuinely. He even gave himself permission for a little giggle when he noted PinBall crawling over.

If this was Herne, then John had been his Avatar here on earth, much like Rick had served as Arthur’s. He felt a little blood trickle from his nose, but wasn’t going to lose focus until PinBall put this guy down. Just like old times, before the warehouse explosion took him.

PinBall’s orange hand touched the tip of Herne’s boot. “Bionic’s on.” Barely a gasp, but enough to bring the lightning. . .

Only the lightning went into the house.

Then a second bolt.

Herne attempts to flex his chest. Mystery closes his eyes to focus more to keep the hold. The lightning was coming, and if electricity and energy physics was to be believed this is going to be painful.

The burst hit Herne square in the heart, a fork slammed into PinBall and Mystery’s energy sphere exploded sending him reeling backwards into the garage, actually through the wall hitting the mini-van hard on the hood. Hopefully Calgary insurance companies still offered Supra insurance for instances like this.

Herne moves to his waist to try to grab for a sword.

A glint of steel and Herne’s hand leaves its wrist. The godling cries out as he shrinks and collapses. PinBall stumbles up to his feet. The armoured figure stood over the dissipating godling.

PinBall noted that the greyish armour had a silver tinge, not the way Rick had returned from Camelot. “Rick?”

The Bionic Knight nods. But in the helmet there is two coloured eyes, mud brown and blue? “Susan?”

Another nod.

Regis stepped out from behind the poplar, as Herne completed vanishing. The air was cooler, it had been messy, but it was a win on the first wave.

Zed walked up beside the agent, Mystery’s hand slipped into the immortal monk’s. “This was just the first wave.”

Regis nodded. “Yup, we angered the Hunt by cleaning up the putzes that liked blood. “

The Bionic Knight looked at his gathered teammates. Friends. Susan felt the surge of power, even this with the de-powered version, the rush of saving lives and the world. Is this what its like to live the call?

                You got it baby. And you just sliced off the big bad’s hand.

Yea, not my finest moment, but he did break my house, my van.

                So what’s it going to be?

We stand with our family.

                “Great Crime Fighters,” a light from a camera, of course the media was already here. “and people of Canada, this monster was Herne of the Wild Hunt from ancient mythology. At one time, he provided the power to the hero The Bionic Archer. Tonight he showed that was a guise, as he wants power. Tonight we sent him back, and we are ready for when they try again.”

The End?!


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