On My Way Home…

Posted: March 22, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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The above is a lyric from Nathen Aswell’s conscious pop song, Little by Little and I was reminded of it this morning sitting in a pew at Unity of Calgary. The family was revisiting an old spiritual home due to Nathen’s service, because he was the first real singer my Son resonated with, and it was a surprise on a foggy Calgary Weekend.

Yet the song of the little steps needed to come to love and through that build a home. In the Western World we have a grave assumption of home, okay in Calgary for sure, and that assumption is that a home is a “house” and has four walls, where one has utilities, food… but it is more.

Home is about safety. Home is a sanctuary where you discover to love yourself for who you are, and others love you and it is reciprocated.

This is a journey to discover and build home. Some of us were blessed with this growing up, others discovered it later in life, but the journey of making home new in each circumstance is what is needed. Knowing that what we have gone through before has allowed us the freedom to be in the life we are now. And little by little we need to release the past, heal from it and love into the present.

It is a journey, for those from the Judeo-Christian heritage, it is the story of the Exodus. Just think about it. The Hebrews could have easily just gone from Egypt to the Promised Land, but the stories shows us something more. It shows us an illustration of the metaphysical Easter Story.

The old Hebrew (You) dying away, and the rebirth into the promised reality. That of Home.

So the question is are we willing to take the little steps away from the past to become the new?

Are we willing to move Home?

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