A Mendicant’s Reflection on Spring Cleaning

Posted: April 3, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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Okay honestly I do not buy into the old idiom of “Spring Cleaning” but it makes sense historically as the farm was closed up over the winter and you need to get the dust and old food out. But in urban centres at least on the Prairies we have kept the farm rhythm in spite of not being agriculturally oriented. For proof just look at the idea of “Church Year” (September to June) and the school year (September to June).

Okay end that piece of the rant, for what is this about? It is about proper distribution of resources. Our family goes through “clearings” every so often (no real rhythm), but after a few years of turbulence it actually falls around spring cleaning time this year. In the New Thought movement it speaks of clearing to keep energy flow in the Law of Circulation, under my Franciscan Charism it was the vow of Simplicity/Poverty- being a Mendicant, which was a slur for beggar, but literally translated means open hand, an understanding that belongings are not ours, but we hold them and use them until another one who needs them comes along.

This has seen us move quite a through things through our home, if we have a yard sale (which only has happened once) the monies went to other charities/political parties to support causes we feel called to support. Last year’s big clean out to create a room for a relative in transition, coincided with our church’s garage sale in support of local youth which worked out wonderfully.

This year we are back to our rhythm of cleaning and giving to those who can still use items, especially when it comes to establishing homes. There has been three local non-profits we find useful in their building of homes for individuals worldwide and locally that as you continue your spring cleaning I encourage you to support:

Calgary Drop In & Rehab Centre

The Mustard Seed

The Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Store

So this season of Spring Cleaning keep in mind it is not just an opportunity to clean up your house and discard the junk, but for those items that are not used but usable it is a time to share, collaborate, give hope and build homes with our neighbours.


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