A Spiritual Homecoming

Posted: April 7, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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It is funny or ironic, whichever you prefer. I have built a vocation along the simple idealism of aiding individuals without voice finding home. An appropriate home, where they are fully included in society, can grow roots and flourish. The humorous side for me, is that this is the journey I have taken with many, but have never fully lived into for myself spiritually.

This past Sunday at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living our family was asked to share our story of our spiritual homecoming. It felt right, as we have entered more intentionally into the New Thought communities. How my beloved open up the short 3 minutes was powerful and priceless; “Whether it was our daughter’s free spiritedness; our son’s boisterousness as he experiences life with cerebral palsy; Ty’s liberal theology or my love of Halloween, we never truly felt included within mainstream Christianity.”

Essentially our religious heritage was within Mainstream Christendom, whether my family’s Anglican-United roots or my partner’s Ukranian Orthodox-Mennonite roots, we were square pegs attempting to answer Spirit’s clarion call of vocational love in a round hole. We were attempting to be within what was expected, non-exclusionary of our family’s heritage if you will. Instead of simply discovering where we would find true inclusion.

That is the kicker, inclusion. See, our world is based around exclusionary or non-exclusionary principles (what lets you in or out of a community). Yet to truly be included means to be in the right community, with the right supports around one self, and the feeling of “home”, that is feeling safe and knowing that one belongs without judgement but in love.

This was the feeling that washed over me the first Sunday at CCSL. The spirituality shared resonated into my partner’s soul. My daughter connected with Funday School. But even more than that, our son was warmly welcomed. With comments when we are away such as “We are glad he is back, his joy in the service blesses us.” To one Sunday he was extra vocal and I tried to calm him so as not to disturb some congregants in front of us, only to have an older lady turn to me and say “Leave him alone he is making a joyful noise.”

Being able to be one self. Not having to hide one’s loves, one’s way of being… Belonging to a community that accepts, welcomes, embraces and loves for who a person is. The resonance of the Cosmic Christ within being seen.

For my Franciscan heritage, it is seeing Brother Jesus in all, for that is where the spiritual Christ exists, for the life to live forward as the teachings and life example shows for us in Brother Jesus .

I do not know where your journey leads you, where the Spirit resonates within you the most. I have had an eclectic spiritual journey, and for me, this is a centre that allows for continual growth and learning. What I do encourage each reader to do, is honour that intangible piece of themselves, the soul, the spirit or the mind if you will. Discover what community makes you feel at home, safe and accepted, where you belong so that your whole self can be home.

For home is where the soul resonates . . . that is the Easter Blessing . . .our new life, begins when we throw off the predetermined, predestined shackles of our earthly labels and simply rest in the Spirit that is.


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