I will admit it was a weird purchase today. Conway’s 2009 Trade Paperback of the 6 issue mini-series from DC Comics, The Last Days of Animal Man. Animal Man A.K.A. Buddy Baker was not a hero high up on my radar, vaguely familair due to his stint in the bwahahahaha era of Justice League Europe, and having read some of his New 52 adventures, but for $5.95 on the bargain shelf at Phoenix Comics and the art on the cover it did drag me in today after church. Looking for some cheap escapism of the  four colour literary variety this afternoon.

What lay between the covers was a unique synchronistic story. For the morning speaker at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living was Dr. Badri Rickhi from the University of Calgary speaking on Spirituality vs Mind Games . Buddy Baker’s story of losing his powers in the not so distant future (the storyline is a great DC Comics storyline of the future in 2024 San Diego). For the talk dove into how our own mind separates us from our true core being. This is the hero journey that Buddy must go through as he discovers what it truly means to be a hero, a father, a husband, and at the very core, what it means to be Buddy Baker.

The self that his wife and kids see was lost with the super powers, as a part time hero, not seeing the good that all his roles had cast, for he was letting guilt over where he had not been strip him away. So as his powers fade over the story, he becomes more obsessed with discovering the false self, the shadow self if you want to go Jungian. In the journey he almost looses himself, deciding that to be one with his family would mean separating himself from one life over another…

When the truth is one’s true vocation will emerge in true alignment with their loved ones and moving forward in spite of trials or apparent loss of abilities.

This is the day where more clarity or ideas began emerging on our family’s journey to make our home a hub for positivity and inclusion within our community. It began to take form for contemplating seeking sponsors and partners to clear out and convert an under used back yard to a community garden and possibly see if someone with carpentry skills would be willing to make and install a little free library within our front yard.

Putting it out to the universe for discernment and discovery. A day of things on the bargain level coming together with the cosmic…


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