My Dog’s a Franciscan

Posted: April 26, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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Yup you read that right, my dog, Diamond, a beautiful 7.5 dog years old American Bulldog cross with mutt and a dash of pitbull, is a Francsican. She is a rescue dog. Walking her this morning her true attitude came forward by the downed political signs she chose to bury or relieve herself on. But more is the joy seen when she hits the grass on her back rolling around, tongue out, big smile on her face, it is like catnip for my pal’s soul.

Why you ask?

Diamond is a California rescue that has found home in Chateau Ragan ala Rainbow Chapel. She came into our home when I finally caved (please no comments on the irony of a Franciscan being anti-pet lol) to my family’s wishes for a dog post break in to our home. Diamond was the first dog when met to drop onto her back and expose her belly for my son to roll around with her.

Her love and patience with children who are differently abled as she greets them with loving kisses until they erupt in fits of laughter. She is jus like a twin sister for her Jazzy twin sister in our home (me daughter).

She is the world’s biggest suck, who maybe has barked once and that was to chase away a woodpecker, as those she meets on walks or into our home she is more apt to greet with huge tail wags and kisses.

Seems like this rescue would have come from a good background right?

Know, my little furry mendicant baby with her love sharing came from hell…the Gethsane spoken of by Brother Jesus, the garbage dump of torture.

She was a pupply mill breeding dog, bread so rapidly and harshly that her “official spaying certifcate” from the U.S. simply states she can no longer have puppies; sadly due to an infection a few months back when she entered heat much to ours and her surprise we discovered this and had to follow through on having her properly spayed.

There’s a strong possibility she was used as a bait dog for dog fights at one point.

The previous owners wanted her to look more pitbull that bulldog and so butchered her ears by cutting them that she now requires bi-weekly ear drops to cleanse the dirt and blockages that develop.

There is also physical scarring and trauma’s that shows some sick humans who had her sodomized her forcibly, organically and with foreign objects.

She mourns the puppies she has had that were stripped from her; and she has night terrors until one of our soft voices remind her she is home and beloved.

She is not referred to as our property; she is a member of our family, my kids call her sister; she is one of our kids. In spite of the horror visited upon her, Sister Diamond has not stopped responding to the world with the simple question:

What Would Love Do?

Sister Diamond

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