#YYC needs to celebrate Flames

Posted: April 28, 2015 by Ty in Musings
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As a native Calgarian-check that- as someone born, bred and raised in NE Calgary, and has lived my entire life in Rundle-in the same home even where the 3rd generation of my family is now being raised…I must say I remember 1989.

I remember the electricity coursing through my city as a child as the Flames fought their way back to the Stanley Cup Avenue, hearing of the mysterious Electric Avenue. Watchning the games as the Flames played the Habs, and Lanny McDonald who my Dad went to school with for a time in Hannah, score on the way to the Cup.

I remember my Dad taking us to the celebratory parade.

The Name Song faux pas when they reached Hakan Loob: “Hakan bo Bakan mana fano fo F—” well you get the picture.

Fast forward to the 2014-15 edition, the rebuild year of younglings. Too young, too inexperienced the hockey analyst would say to expect more than a cellar finish for a few years.


Professionals like many policitical polls of recent yore were wrong.

Welcome to the Duck Hunt of Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs 2015 edition.

Honestly as a city tax paying Calgarian and homeonwer, even though I am a Habs fan, no matter how far these kids make it as a city we need to throw a parade and a party that ends with them White Hatted, in Olympic Plaza (just watch the names you toss into the Name Song).

For they have truly shown what team and heart can do.

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