Question to Elections Alberta?

Posted: May 8, 2015 by Ty in Current Events, Musings
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First off, yes as a pragmatic socialist I am still riding a bit of the euphoria of an NDP majority in the province that my whole life has been PC Blue. Love that Orange Crush.

No, bias aside, this is a question beyond the definitive tie of Calgary-Glenmore. It goes to the riding of Calgary Foothills and the “winning” candidate former Premier, former Progressive Conservative Party Leader and Former MLA for Calgary Foothills Jim Prentice.

I realize he resigned in the midst of the votes being finalized, and there needs to be a clear 48 hours before the vote for a candidate to be removed from a ballot. B-U-T…

It begs the question as folks in Calgary Foothills will have their THIRD vote in less than a year, at a quarter-million bucks…where is the accountability for those seeking public office? And where is the ethical jurisprudence for the voters who supported the now resigned winner? I state ethical, because technically what Mr. Prentice did was in the “legal” domain of legal/illegal.

The question in my mind is simply this: Did Mr. Prentice not commit fraud on the electorate by entering in a race to represent the people of Alberta and then deciding after the vote to resign?

If so, is there not civil recourse for the Alberta Government to get the monies to cover the by-election from the PC Party and/or Mr. Prentice?

Just questions to ponder, from a night on May 5, 2015 that produced many bizzarro happenings.


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