The Married Life

Posted: May 8, 2015 by Ty in Musings
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It started with a trip up memory lane for a high schooler on the verge of graduation… but I would not know the origin of the story until later. For this is a series that I must admit I came to not as a fan per se, but a bandwagoner experiencing a walk down memory lane when I first saw the news feed stating “Death of Archie”.

For it is picking up Archie the Married Life #36 where Archie takes a bullet to save Sen. Kevin Keller’s life and a town reflects on the “every boy” character is where I was introduced to the concept. Then a dollar bin bringing the series finale into my readership. Which has led to a binge purchase and binge reading of not only the 6 volumes of the Married Life…but the Archie Marries collection (Archie issues 600-606) where the youth first takes the walk up Memroy Lane, and it explores in broad strokes what life would be like if Archie married Veronica or Betty.

This mult-versic swing would then spin into a well written series that explores the what if of life growing up. Where would each fork lead where you choose, and as you grow into your true self in life during the post-formative years of high school. Sociologically it is a living narrative of the Western Teenager as they move through young adult to middle aged. The ups and downs of the gang with winks to all generations of Archie, from Lil Archie to Josie and the Pussycats, to the whole line since its inception (for more on the meta-narrative that existed in Archie I direct you to 12 Cent Archie by Bart Beaty).

So I encourage you to take a walk up memory lane, for with the Archie-Veronica-Betty Triad is a meta-narrative for life, growth, wholeness. A pathway that lays out that life will have ups and downs, friends passing, violent crime, parents sick and dying, seperation, divorce, chicannary, friendship, joys, life and blessing of the next generation.

But the true thread that permeates through it all…is simply this… discover who you are…discover your bli(e)ss, live into it and watch how your life transforms for the better.


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