Phoenix Effect: End of One Era, Hopeful Renewal of another

Posted: May 21, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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It is quite a thing. As I have written about previously, at my Mum’s funeral having neighbours share about the food pantry she used to run for the neighbours, knowing she would provide child care, and really there was always an open door for friends and family.

Throughout my life volunteering with the Guys and Dolls Seniors Club and work with churches, as many elders transitioned from homes to apartments they felt the need to aid me and sent quite a few household items and furnishings my way that has built many homes for many folks transitioning out of homelessness; garage sale fodder to support many youth projects, non-profits and political campaigns. Heck in 2006 I kicked of my campaign by doing a donation drive for the Mustard Seed.

This week as the last few donations have left the house, garbage swept up…it is obvious that the era of that for our humble abode has come to an end after nearly 40 years.

Yet a note in one of the condolence cards from my work rings out, that points out live the lessons she taught.

So that is a guiding point in restarting our potluck nights/afternoons with movies, etc…through our home to gather together.

One era ends…another is renewed this Sunday.


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