It’s all the Same…

Posted: June 8, 2015 by Ty in New Thought
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…God…I know who would believe I would drop the “G” word on my blog.  Anyways this is a reflective piece on the journey forward that was triggered by Sunday’s talk by Rev. Marjorie Contenti at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living on June 7, 2015. It was centered on living a life without regrets (in a few days go to the site and check out the video)…but she started out by talking about her mother who has recently transitioned.

This got me thinking about my own Mum. For she has aided in shaping my spiritual journey. She always had two pieces of advice for me as I moved on my own spiritual pilgrimage. From my youngest days, that it is all about love, God is love, and there is only one God folks just have different ways of getting there. The second is one day I would find stability in a religious community as she watched me move fluidly through not nly Christendom, but Shamanism, Buddhism, splashes of Sheikhism & Hinduism, Sufism, some Judaism & Islam, with a dash of Zen and/or Confuscious, Druidism and other Pagan Rites and on it went as I sought out more and varied pathways to untiy with the Holy Mystery.

The journey actually took my family right out of structured Christianity. It led me in the last few years to use a label, Franciscan, to explain my understanding of spirituality. For this is the Charism of the mendicant mystics St. Francis & Clare of Assisi. For me the vows taken within this secular (lay) religious order spoke to the easiest way to hold to the religion of my heritage, Christendom.

Yet it still left one in a weird state, for you see the last Order I was officially with was the Third Order Society of St. Francis which one has to be in Communion with the Anglican Church to be a part of…and it has been a few new moons since I last sipped the Communion Cup at the rail of an Anglican Church.

Where does this leave me? It was a journey, the Satsang I wrote of earlier was a deep soul cleanse, and as i try to live my life label free of others why was I confining my Spirituality within the confines of a label? Even one that pushed to the outer extreme? Why? Tribalism. That desire to still belong, even if not fully for what are we in society without some form of labelling?

But it is time to no longer fit the triangular peg into the oblong hole. For really it is looking at my journey as with most people I know and seeing the cross section of influences, from spiritual to literature to inspiring life stories to– well –if it speaks to the intangible parts of yourself and grows your own pilgrimage living in, through and with the Holy Mystery, then it truly is of the Spirit which we all are.

So yea, this is why the labels end, this is why New Thought resonates, not for the label, but rather for the fact of accepting the multitude of life that is out there to learn and grow from…

More to come along the new trail being blazed on this pilgrimage.


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