How Does Faith Survive Tragedy?

Posted: June 13, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal, Spirituality
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Fundamentalist Christians. Exploding airplanes. A dead fiancee, a declaration that surviving being burned alive leaves one without a God…oh and the hypocracy of the church chasing the multi-million dollar settlement money and the other half stating the flying accident was punishment for the unholiness of going up in the two seater plane with your fiancee sans chaperone so you deserved it…

So begins Paradise a 2013 movie with Russell Brand as a not so chivalrous bar keep in the Las Vegas strip (actually called Paradise) who meets Lamb when she runs away with her millions to discover life free of her home schooled fundamentalist upbringing in small town Montanna. The reality of Las Vegas with her new African American singer friend who is trying to keep her safe, Brand’s character who is realizing who he is as Lamb sees him as he truly is…

and a story of discovery…how does one keep their faith after trauma? Is it the same faith? Does it change? Does it grow? What happens when indoctrinated religion actually becomes unity with the Holy Mystery?

A great movie to watch on your own, or with friends and family over a potluck to discuss the themes of. Again it is also an independent smaller film that shows Brand’s true acting ability.


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