Chapter 9

Posted: March 20, 2016 by Ty in Speare Book 1
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Speare stood in the church office with his hands behind his back and zip tied. He was astounded, was the only word that came to his mind. How could Detective MacKay take one phone call and then decide to arrest him.

As the two constables left the office, MacKay motioned for them to leave Speare. Was this what old crime noir’s called the beat down? Was MacKay a dirty cop? That wasn’t the word on the street, but then sometimes the grapes rotten on the grape vine, or like the telephone game in pre-school the wrong message got communicated.

MacKay slowly closed the office door. MacKay moved to each window lowering the blinds and turning the lights off. From his pocket he produced a knife that popped open in a fashion that suggested switch blade that Speare was quite certain was illegal to be carried in this country. A quick motion and the zip tie comes right off.

Speare rubbed his wrists to renew some circulation, the arresting constables had tightened the band.

“Sorry mate, that was for show.” Said MacKay. “It is not every day you wind up in the middle of a cluster fuck of this magnitude.”

Speare thought it best not to let MacKay know this was usually the type of situations he found himself in on a fairly regular basis. Especially since the arrest had been cancelled out somehow. “So what was with the you are under arrest thing?”

MacKay stroked the greying stubble on his chin. “Harvey Gould is a very powerful and wealthy man scary enough. He was mentioning he believed you actually killed the three, so show needed to be done. But currently I know that there is more to this, I mean we got a minister bludgeoned to death supposedly during a break and enter a few months back. Then an elderly church administrator shot and killed. Today we have an accountant poisoned more than likely with cyanide. So tell me why?”

Why is the immortal question? It is the root of every mystery, okay actually how and who is the root of every mystery, but the why is a close third for it unfolds as to the rationale for the murder. Right now Speare knew who was killed, and how, but the why was perplexing. It was like why in issue four of the new Jughead, all of a sudden Archie comics felt it necessary to confirm what the world already knew that being Forsythe P. Jones III was A-Sexual.

Or the anti-climax of an Easter Sunday church service 2000 years on that announces Jesus resurrects.

But hey, that was digression, for now Speare needed to process what was known. Rex O’Neil supposedly was killed, Jerome his spouse alluded that it may be a hate crime, yet Bishop Paul was in full support of the transfer (defrocking) and marriage. Mrs. Lowery encouraged him to follow the money before she died, and he found the accountant showing the defrauding of the flock and the vanishing of the “O” file. Before he keeled over, yet who would have access to the almond coffee creamer to cover up the cyanide? And was Hasselback the actual target of the poisoning or was it someone else…

Even scanning back on the rumours around the affair that brought Rex here, it was a bit of a shock that Jerome would…the picture on the desk of the couple.

“Shit. MacKay I know what happened.”



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