Fantastic 4

Posted: March 20, 2016 by Ty in Current Events, New Thought Journal, Spirituality
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Okay I am prepped for the hate mail on this one, but in regards to the new Fantastic 4 (yes with the teen cast, and the African-American Johnny Storm) I need to go on the record that this was a true Fantastic Four adventure.I know in Marvel fandom it is a fun past time to pan all the Fantastic Four movies, much like one does Wolverine Origins or X-Men Last Stand.

However, I have viewed all 3 of the FF movies, and loved them. These are stories of family, science fiction and adventure. So I must admit I was a fan, loved the team growing up was saddened when Marvel made the decision to pull the plug on the series (although with their mega event to mega event one really can’t get into a series cheaply anymore).

However, back to the reason of this post. It was a re imagining of the origin of the Fantastic Four. Quite priceless tying in new scientific ideas and theories from physics, but also seeing how these super powers would come to be within the scope of science themselves.

It dealt with the idea family not being about blood, but about belonging. This was seen by the fact the Storm’s adopted Susan (Sue) from Kosovo. But the updates rung true in our New World Order.

Think of a wealthy foundation cherry picking the smartest kids to work on making inter-dimensional travel a reality. The American Military watching these experiments to see what could be weaponized. As well, how would the government react and try to usurp new youths with hyper skills tied to their personalities?

I do recommend this movie for fun to watch, but also as a movie for a discussion group. The topics that can be conversed around are?

  1. the should/could questions of science,
  2. what is family?
  3. what is home?
  4. what is belonging?
  5. What is one’s responsibilities in choices?

Once again the four colour world can raise ethical questions for our existing world today. The power of story. The power of family.


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