Chapter Ten

Posted: March 22, 2016 by Ty in Speare Book 1

If this was a television mystery show, Speare would be breaking the fourth wall. He would pull an Ellery Queen and look at the camera saying `I know what happened, do you?’ But this was not television. This was premeditated murder of three, conspiracy, possibly fraud and a creative visceral mastermind, a veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing in real life.

It was the photograph that made his Mind Palace explode. The whole approach to this affair had been wrong. It went back to his discussion with the Bishop, the church was in full support in releasing him from the vows. Jerome married him, surrendering the Saturn name, but then to throw light on a different trail go complete disclosure on his family’s ownership of the land if the congregation was to fold.

A church with no hope, that suddenly was embroiled in a media frenzy and saw a spike in giving, yet the books never left the red.

“Hasselback poisoned, the secretary shot and the alleged bludgeoning of the cleric began it all.” Speare said aloud. His interior ruminations becoming verbal much to the confusion of MacKay.

“Speare you are losing it. The bludgeoning death of Reverend Rex O’Neil is public record, the only thing in dispute was whether it was manslaughter in the commission of a robbery or murder.” MacKay retorts.

Speare shook his head and grabbed the framed photo off of the desk. “Not the method of death who was murdered. Where is O’Neil’s body?”

“Jerome had him cremated.” MacKay answered.

“Damn it.” Speare seethed. He held the photo up to MacKay. “Who do you see in the church pic?”

MacKay ran the names: Jerome (Saturn) O’Neil; Geoff Hasselback; Mrs. Lowery; “and Rex.”

Speare pops the back off the photo to reveal a date stamp. “That isn’t a pic sans the board chair, it’s a picture taken before the new minister fell in love with Saturn. That’s Harvey Gould.”

“But he looks…”

“Shave the beard off Gould or grow one, and you have the dead Reverend.” Speare finished.

“Shit on a stick.” MacKay swipes his phone on to dispatch and barks orders.

  • * * * *

Sax tossed the Sun to Speare. “Sorry man the Sunshine girls do nothing for me.”

“Finally batting for my team Speare?”

“No, I prefer women I can actually converse with and touch.”

“It wasn’t the sports spread I was wanting you to see, look on the front page.” Sax stated.

Speare had dropped into Sax’s book shop to pick up the new Robert J. Sawyer sci-fi thriller set in Canada and focused on Philosophical Zombies and psychopaths. His bill was residing with the bankruptcy trustee from St. Andrew’s since the new broke.

Gould & Saturn-O’Neil had been picked up at Gould’s home making a break for it. Finger printing revealed Gould was the defrocked father, and Saturn-O’Neil sung about the whole plan. A simple case of embezzlement, and then to secure the bankruptcy so they could reap the multi-million dollar land sale for some new un needed big box concept store and head off into the sunset in Latin America.

Well as the paper said, it won in one regards as the congregation has folded due to insolvency. The monies have still not been recovered. The only thing Speare got out of the case is that William MacKay at the press conference thanked a private investigator turned informant for a key clue that led to the arrests, provided closure for the families of the victims.

“Well that is one thing in life that is true.”

“What’s that Speare?”

“No good deed gets paid on time and for the full bill.”

Sax just laughed and shook his head. “Yea, and we’re not a library, that’s a $1 plus GST for the paper mate.”

The End



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