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Posted: March 26, 2016 by Ty in Spirituality
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For while it is true that we are immersed in an Infinite Intelligence, a Mind that knows all things, it is also true that this Intelligence can acquaint us with Its ideas only as we are able and willing to receive them.

-Ernest Holmes

Science Of Mind (1938)

What does this mean? Is it the “awakening” movement at play through this quote?

No, what is resonating out of this for me is t hat we are already connected with everything. As Rev. Matthew Fox writes everything is in the Holy Mystery and the Holy Mystery is within everything (Panentheism) or for the more Star Wars style theologian, the Force. What has to happen though, is one has to be open to understanding that the entirety of the Universe is interdependent. Are whole ideal of individualism is a farce. Yes there are moments when independence glimmers. But for everything to work we have to recognize and understand our unity.

Now stepping out further with these metaphysical thoughts?

Simple, as we open ourselves to a more mindful existence, we realize the divinity that we are. And yes as we live out of that Holy Mystery the world is revealed a new to us.

So the question to ponder today, is are you open to the true reality?

As you become mindful in your day to day life, then an individual becomes more centered into the shared divinity that exists within one self and out of oneself. The true blessings of the flesh.

  1. Illaminater says:

    Connect this with Quantum Physics, and you have the answer.

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