Update: Direct Energy Steals money from Family

Posted: August 3, 2016 by Ty in Current Events
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So just a quick update on a story published August 1 here. Direct Energy’s second untruth has been exposed, the first being the money will bounce back directly, no that did not happen.
The second? 30 days for a  refund cheque, we are on day 30 and there is no refunds or cheques.

Eden Wallace previous post commentator never responded to verify this Direct Energy escalations department that could not be verified through their website, as well they have not responded to the bank investigation.

Just an update to the readers. At this point it would be full refund + interest for holding the money would rectify the situation and make this party happy for the impact this has had on my family.

  1. Eden Wallace says:

    Mr. Ragan,

    We have identified your over-payment on your father’s closed account. We are in the process of refunding this payment to you. Please call our Customer Experience team at 1-844-658-9837 so that we may proceed. If we do not hear from you, the refund will be processed via regular mail.

    Thank you,
    Direct Energy Regulated Services.

  2. Ty says:

    Once the wire transfer comes in, there will be an update published.

  3. Update: Direct Energy FINALLY returns money, TD dings the family. | A Robin Hood's Musing says:

    […] Update: Direct Energy Steals money from Family […]

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