Update: Direct Energy FINALLY returns money, TD dings the family.

Posted: August 5, 2016 by Ty in Current Events
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Okay so if you have been following along on this epic journey of holding corporations accountable that started here and then went to here . Direct Energy finally returned the money. It was an evening phone call on August 4, 2016 speaking with a customer service rep Melodie and a gent from finance to get the $153 wire transferred back to my account today.

Yet in the account, the transfer was $17.50 short, so a call back to Melodie and they sent the CTI statement of proof of what was wired so the missing money culprit is actually my bank, which shows again a corporations lack of care for an individual.

TD CanadaTrust has their easy line for customer service to solve all kinds of issues. Called into them to sort it out, as through my own devices the money got returned that their investigation could not, pointed this out to the phone rep and N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Yup you read that right, “Sorry we cannot do that over the phone to reverse the bank charges, you need to go into a branch and see if they are willing to contact TD Waterhouse and have this done.”

So guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning? You guessed it, holding my bank accountable on deplorable customer service and getting back the money as this fee makes no sense. More updates to come.


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