There is little written in the so-called Canonical gospels of John the Baptist’s (in the Aquarian, the Harbinger) parents. A few passages in the Gospel of Luke speaking of an elderly barren couple, even though Zacharias is part of the temple guild, and as such enters the Holy of Holies.

There is much revealed if you will on how the early years went down, The Magian Kings warning, the flight into Egypt of the Marian family (for a good exploration of thoughts on this I refer you to Anne Rice’s Christ Our Lord Out of Egypt).  But this work in a few scant verses shows the madness of Herod in wanting to hold onto his political power grip, for Herod rules at the grace of his Roman Oppressors (owners may be more appropriate) and his family has a long history of playing all sides of a conflict to continue to hold onto temporal power.

The birth chapters within the Aquarian Gospel truly reveal the battle for temporal versus universal power, and holistic wholeness. It begins to show how Karma shapes your own life, and that eventually actions through the Law of Cause and Effect will catch up.

  1. And other guards were sent to Zacharias, father of the harbinger, while he was serving in the Holy Place, to say, The King demands that you shall tell where is your son.
    12.But Zacharias did not know, and he replied, I am a minister of God, a servant in the Holy Place; how could I know where they have taken him?
    13. And when the guards returned and told the King what Zacharias said, he was enraged and said,
    14. My guards, go back and tell that wily priest that he is in my hands; that if he does not tell the truth, does not reveal the hiding place of John, his son, then he shall die.
    15. The guards went back and told the priest just what the king had said.
    16. And Zacharias said, I can but give my life for truth; and if the king does shed my blood the Lord will save my soul.
    17. The guards again returned and told the king what Zacharias said.
    18. Now, Zacharias stood before the alter in the Holy Place engaged in prayer.
    19. A guard approached and with a dagger thrust him through; he fell and died before the curtain of the sanctuary of the Lord.
    20. And when the hour of salutation came, for Zacharias daily blessed the priests, he did not come.
    21. And after waiting long the priests went to the Holy Place and found the body of the dead.
    22. And there was grief, deep grief, in all the land.
    23. Now Herod sat upon his throne; he did not seem to move; his courtiers came; the king was dead. His sons reigned in his stead.

Aquarian Gospel 6:11-23

Think about it, Herod was so scared of losing his false power, that he led a genocide of male children. That for the hearer of this legend should flash back to the story of Moses, and breaking of bondage slavery in Egypt through the actions of Pharaoh.

This is the madness that consumed and drove Herod, do we witness this in ourselves? Others? Our world? What can we do to heal it?

It leads to a shattering of declared religious belief to wield power, think of the world today, the Religious Right, ISIS, the list goes on and on of terror agents, fundamentalists that attach to a religion to exert control, but truly are not within the golden cord of love, rather like Herod are penning the story of their own demise through their own actions.

For Herod’s assasins break the Holy Law of Love, and Zacharias is murdered. Now remember for the closest modern example I can relate, is the assassination of Blessed Oscar Romero in Latin America when he was killed while blessing the Host at Mass.

In the Holy of Holies their was such control theory instead of Love Spirit in place, that there was fear of the priest dropping dead, and anyone retrieving the body dying for not being worthy. So basically a rope was tied around the priest to be able to pull the body out if this happened, and this relates to Levitical and Deuteronomical dress of the priests with bells, etc on their robes so you could tell if this happened.

The assassin broke the religious control, Herod placed himself as more powerful than the all love that everything exists in and that exists in everything (Panentheism via Rev. Matthew Fox’s Creation Spirituality if you will). So already the drive for power and control over others shows as it has through history, that religion is not the cause, but the guise these actors choose.

But Herod does not escape the murder (sin if you want, karma more appropriate)…for the stress, hate, fear and anxiety of this chase of a babe born in a cave…his body gives out, and his son takes over the thrown. Think about that, such atrocities to hold power, and then in the end, cause and effect on his system he loses his power.

Where is the drive for control consuming out divinity and driving an early transition from this human experience?

How can we move from a Herod existence?

What will you change to release your Herod?

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