Unity. Oneness. Interconnected. All things in the Holy Mystery, the Holy Mystery in all. There are many ways to reflect the core truth of existence.  But these few passages sum it up quite good from the Aquarian Gospel 9:15-17:

  1. Before the worlds were formed all things were One; just Spirit, Universal Breath. 16.And Spirit breathed, and that which was not manifest became the Fire and Thought of Heaven, the Father-God, the Mother-God. 17. And when the Fire and Thought of heaven in union breathed, their son, their only son, was born. This son is Love whom men have called the Christ.

(For more on this common thread read Aquarian Gospel 10-12)

Quite simple, the thread that connects all is L-O-V-E- full stop, no additions, or buts. Another term (man what a thesaurus event) is Christ. Firstly many believe The Christ refers to Jesus the Christ or Jesus Christ, because was Christ not Mary & Joseph’s son’s last name? No, technically it was Jesus Bar Josephson (Jesus Son of Joseph) or in Mediterranean, Jesus of Nazareth.

Christ was his state of being, an awakened state. The Fillmore’s write about this in their 12 Powers of Man, where each disciple in the Gospel Journey tie into energetic powers within (ala Chakras if you will) that by unlocking and learning to live out of these powers you awaken the Christ within yourself.

In Franciscan formation, it is the idea St. Francis of Assisi laid out, that you learn to live without thinking (essentially make part of your very being) the Gospel lesson, before moving onto the next one. Forming the Christ within intentionally to know life in Love.

The Christ within, or as Rev. Matthew Fox as the Cosmic Christ, that awakened being—or if you prefer an Eastern flavour —Buddha. Ah those common threads again, connected in the eternal holy breathed existence that is all love.

This is the core, this is what any religious-spiritual path should lead a traveller to…a state of oneness, embrace, acceptance and love.

So…what road are you currently journeying towards Cosmic Oneness with the Holy Mystery?



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