Section VI has the reader journeying with Jesus into the sacred learning in India. Again the Aquarian Gospel is laying out a story of unity within the Universe, and spiritual teachings, there are moments when religious oppression is shown as there are flare ups familiar to the Canonical Gospels, as authorities attempt to silence the boy-adolescent-young adult Jesus in professing the source of all- L-O-V-E.

But I digress, for this is not what this reflection is on, but rather what on the surface can look as Masonic in teaching, but also shows another Triune dynamic path to Oneness (Wholeness):

  1. And when he first saw Jesus he was climbing up a twelve step ladder, and he carried in his hands a compass, square and axe.
    12.Ravanna said, All hail, most favoured son of heaven!
    13. And at the inn Ravanna made a feast for all the people of the town; and Jesus and his parents were honoured guests.
    14. For certain days Ravanna was a guest in Joseph’s home on Marmion Way; he sought to learn the secret of the wisdom of the son; but it was all to great for him.
    15. And then he asked that he might be the patron of the child; might take him to the East where he could learn the wisdom of the Brahms.
    16. And Jesus longed to go that he might learn; and after many days his parents gave consent.

-Aquarian Gospel 21:11-16

            At home, Jesus’ family trade is carpentry or labouring depending on whose translation you believe of the Greek texts. Yet it is within working with one’s hands to build that a metaphor can be seen to the Creator, and what is left behind is the spirit, with the intermediary (builder) who crafted.

3 things—just like Ravanna coming off the roof, descending the 12 step ladder (12 apostles, 12 tribes—aid in building anyone?), and with him 3 things that create, three things that make one—a compass, square and axe (also for symbolists, those apart of the works of Solomon, the Temple builders, the emblem of Masons)…asking for Jesus to move beyond his tribal isolation, out into the world to learn that all is connected.

When one speaks to those who carve Totem poles, they say the image is already within the material and it is simply letting it out…could this be what the idea of the Triune is about? A square, a compass, and an axe? About carving out the barrier to the divine self? The Cosmic Christ within.

Don’t believe so, then think of this image of a stranger in the town, using a ladder, one that Paleo-Seti theorists state that Jacob’s Ladder from Genesis was a way to connect with ancient alien visitors, who opened up enlightenment to the world.

But I digress, let these words rest with you:

What needs to be repaired, removed or built so that you can take the journey to the power that has always laid within? What needs to be carved away to reveal to yourself your Cosmic Christ?


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