There has been many creative arts I have learned in regards to spiritual practice, that Jesus’ travels in India allow for a different perspective in, so the following reflection will actually be some whole chapters interjected with a spiritual practice, I would suggest doing one a day for the next several days to go deeper, some of the practices can be done from more than one perspective.

This is a short series, within my series of reflections on the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ to share some with you.

We start in Chapter 22.

Chapter 22

The friendship of Jesus and Lamaas. Jesus explains to Lamaas the meaning of truth, man, power, understanding, wisdom, salvation and faith. Continue reading here.

Jesus and his friend enter into the illusion before us, and how to go deep into the unity that is the true reality. The perceived separation, the idea of the “Fall” and “Rapture” being covertly spoken out against.

This was a familiar metaphysical writing style in the early 1900’s, and showcased classical philosophy.  But where can we see some “classical philosophy” being put forward in the 21st century? What about Youtube, or a news radio show…

Re-write chapter 22 as one of these that resonate with you, with the roles of Jesus and Lamaas. What modern equivalents would be created or used to explain the truth you have contemplated here.


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