Jesus’ journeys continue throughout the Far East into the world of Buddhism. He has sought refuge from the plot to kill him within a monastery and begins to discover new teachings, yet teachings that are also universal for it all comes from the same source. Spend time reading this piece of the journey and see what is new to you, yet also familiar.
Chapter 32

Jesus and Barata. Together they read the sacred books. Jesus takes exception to the Buddhist doctrine of evolution and reveals the true origin of man. Meets Vidyapati, who becomes his co-labourer.

1. Among the Buddhist priests was one who saw a lofty wisdom in the words that Jesus spoke. It was Barata Arabo.
2. Together Jesus and Barata read the Jewish Psalms and Prophets; read the Vedas, the Avesta and the wisdom of Gautama.
3. And as they read and talked about the possibilities of man, Barata said,
4. Man is the marvel of the universe. He is part of everything for he has been a living thing on every plane of life.
5. Time was when man was not; and he was bit of formless substance in the moulds of time; and then a protoplast.
6. By universal law all things tend upward to a state of perfectness. The protoplast evolved, becoming worm, then reptile, bird and beast, and then at last it reached the form of man.

Read full chapter here.

Another revelation for understanding what the Cosmic Christ is. Not simply a man born of a woman who was born without sin (or for those more proper of Catholicism- immaculate conception). It is the story of a human being discovering who he truly with within unity of the Divine.

Think of that, a life lived, not even fully yet, but within the source of all is shining through to many and showing what love truly is? So much so, that many are comparing this life to one enlightened.

If we all lived this way? Had this pilgrimage of discovery for a true life purpose how different would our world be? Would we be?

Take time to gather pictures from media, photo albums, and the world outside you that resonate with you. Take a large piece of paper and place the pictures on them. Then cut the piece of paper into a circle.

You have created a version of a Mandala. A sacred space, that shares a bit of your vision and your story for this part of your journey.


You priests of Kapavistu, hear me speak: We stand to-day upon a crest of time. Six times ago a master soul was born who gave a glory light to man, and now a master sage stands here in temple Kapavistu.
43. This Hebrew prophet is the rising star of wisdom, deified. He brings to us a knowledge of the secrets things of God; and all the world will hear his words, will heed his words, and glorify his name.
44. You priests of temple Kapavistu, stay! be still and listen when he speaks; he is the Living Oracle of God.
45. And all the priests gave thanks, and praised the Buddha of enlightenment.                                     

Aquarian Gospel 32:42-45

If the Mandala resonates with you as a spiritual practice, there free colouring sheets available here

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