Calvary (2014): A Review

Posted: September 8, 2016 by Ty in Musings, Spirituality
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Killing a priest on a Sunday. That’ll be a good one.

I will admit that the cover shot of a priest with this tag line is actually what enticed me to rent this Irish movie from the Calgary Public Library Village Square location. It is a winding tail that shows inter-generational trauma at play with the formerly colonized of Ireland, and the Ivory Coast, but also touches upon what makes a good priest.

Father James is the man who through grief and a mid-life crisis as his daughter jokes, chose to answer his vocational call, and he is the main protagonist in Calvary. A movie that opens on a Sunday confessional, where a confessor states a week Sunday he would die, and the reason? One’s mind races especially with the news story of massive abuse out of Ireland finally being admitted to by the Roman Catholic Church, was this a priest complicit to abuse or cover up?

No, he was a priest targeted for execution, because in the abused’s man statement, shooting one of the bad would not get him anywhere, but killing the only good one, that would get something done.

The movie is the unfolding of a spiritual journey towards what will happen on the beach on Sunday…a movie of a man facing his life now, his past life, and the current demons he and his parish struggle with.

A black comedy for sure. One that leaves you wondering with parishioner is out to murder Father James, but also a movie that can easily create conversation around healing, what is healthy community and how we are one with God.

Trailer available here.

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