Posted: October 8, 2016 by Ty in Speare 3: Thor v. Zeus

The night had been crazy. Sax and Natan were back at the bookshop. Speare took the lead and the blame, which had brought him to this greasy spoon with a cup of black coffee that would eat a spoon never mind melt it or make it stand up, and a delicious piece of apple pie with a slice of cheese on top (because apple pie without the cheese, is like a kiss without the squeeze as he was told in childhood) and vanilla on the side.

Agent Louie Regis was a frazzled older Asian man, whose car tended to backfire upon driving, stopping, starting, or simply just because someone looked at it. The crumpled trench coat look reminded Speare of the Peter Falk’s Columbo, and created a hard time believing that this man spoke for a super-secret government agency.

But it was said agency that had spirited away the body of the mayor after the night from hell. Now Speare was mid-bite as Columbo 2.0 kept yabbering on about national security. City Hall had already news conferences the death, letting the city know the original election cycle would hold and the Deputy Mayor would step in interim, this was done as a cost saving measure but also to honour the life of service of John MacCurtis. Funeral would be held in 3 days.

“I should arrest you Speare.”

“That’s nice Agent, but I can assume from the lack of Miranda and cuffs that is not how this is going down?” Speare stated.

Regis finished his cup of coffee, tossed some crumpled bills down to cover the cost, rose, looked at Speare. “We are watching you.” Turned to leave, turned back slowly, “thank you.”

Speare finished his pie and watched the agent depart in his car.

Stepping out into the sunlight, Speare stood quietly in the parking lot as he adjusted his toque, and zipped up his coat snug. Winter was here, there had barely been a summer, and now fall had given way to winter without much fanfare.

An echoey voice came from behind. “Mr. Speare, thank you for finally bringing peace to my friend.”

“No problem B.K.”

A blast of warmth around him as the Bionic Knight took flight.

Speare slowly walked across the parking lot to the bus stop. “Case closed, I fuckin’ hate supernatural sci-fi shit.” He mumbles under his breath.

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