Ode to Betsy

Posted: October 15, 2016 by Ty in Musings, New Thought, Spirituality
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A blessing granted in a time of need

Opening up a world of accessibility for the lad

Yet it became a transport to a world of adventure

Many memories made on the roads of Alberta

Seeing Dinosaurs, canola and Vulcans Oh My!

Like a time warp to yester year journeys to Countess

Removing any barriers for the Lad to be a Lad

The Lass to explore and share love of animals

Old Family found,

Renewed Family

Finally the brakes

Not wanting to do what brakes need to do

A Mother’s blessing

Needing to head off to vehicle Valhalla

Loaded on a truck

Chained and strapped,

Driven off into the sunset

Like a gunslinger community builder of yore

O’ Betsy you will be missed,

But a new world awaits

In what the lass has dubbed as “James”


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