It has been a while since I have shared thoughts, musings of spiritual practices from the book study my family is a apart of with the Universal Church of the Master Alberta on the Aquarian Gospel. It is not because there have been no aha moments or things worthy of sharing, every two weeks we gather there is much discussed, learned and possibly shared, what happens unfortunately for you readers, if life gets busy and I am unable to prepare thoughts, so after this week I have intentionally taken some time to share quotes and thoughts throughout.

These readings comes from teachings of John, the Harbinger (colloquially in Christendom known as the Baptist, and elder cousin of Jesus, revealed in this work as a Nazarite, historically believed to be apart of the Essenes movement).

64: 15. And then the people asked, What must we do?
16. And John replied, Accept the ministry of helpfulness for all mankind; spend not upon your selfish selves all that you have.
17. Let him who has two coats give one to him who has no coat; give part of all the food you have to those in need.

Kindness. It is the first act of love, that even if we do not have the emotion behind it, the praxis will shape our soul to be prepared to welcome the Cosmic Christ.
18. And when the publicans came up and asked, What must we do? John answered them,
19. Be honest in your work; do not increase for selfish gain the tribute you collect; take nothing more than what your king demands.

Political leaders of the time. The Roman Empire was known deeply for its corruption, and a need to put the people first for they are called to service. To be a good publican is not about renouncing the Empire they serve, it is about serving justly, and again, back to the first praxis of faith and formatting one’s being: kindness, acting as one would want to be acted upon. Being honest, and working hard, not doing more that is demanded. For these civil servants would create wealth and power for themselves by adding on more tax, and brutally controlling the populations by whatever means necessary (and no, at no time is this saying that the Roman Empire was a nice Empire, they were like any occupying and colonial force of nature working an agenda of assimilation and extermination).

  1. And when the soldiers came and asked, What must we do? The harbinger replied,
    21.Do violence to none; exact no wrongful thing, and be contented with the wages you receive.

Think of being taken away from your family, brutalized mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. This is the experience that awaited soldiers of the Roman Empire, and like many abused when given an opportunity to exert force over another they would ensure the same pain was passed on. Think of the historic times back then when even the conquered women were only seen as property to be used. Therefore, there is still a historic theory alive that Mary’s conception was due to Roman rape, and that the story of the Christ, is God’s redemption out of evil.

So yes, this was a throwing down of the gauntlet to an oppressor to once again go back to the beginning element. Kindness.

67: 12. But what a medley catch! a catch of crabs, and lobsters, sharks and creeping things, with now and then a fish of better kind.

Brother Jesus speaking about how good a fisher of men his cousin John was. But not just pointing out that the catch was what humanity deemed as clean, but rather, all those who moved in love were part of the same net. Labels, uncleanliness, saved/unsaved, whatever we can use to divide is irrelevant.

These are divides we still attempt to create in our world, and we are missing the point of what the Cosmic Christ’s love is about. The Kingdom is not other, or separate, it begins in each and everyone of us who choose compassion, live kindness, embrace and live out of divine love. This shatters the walls and barriers our labels create, and allow hope to reign in our world. The question is, are we ready to cast the nets, and let love embrace all? Or still create the false dichotomy’s that destroy?

68: 10. I am not sent to sit upon a throne to rule as Cæsar rules; and you may tell the ruler of the Jews that I am not a claimant for his throne.
11. Men call me Christ, and God has recognised the name; but Christ is not a man. The Christ is universal love, and Love is king.
12. This Jesus is but man who has been fitted by temptations overcome, by trials multiform, to be the temple through which Christ can manifest to men.

  1. Then hear, you men of Israel, hear! Look not upon the flesh; it is not king. Look to the Christ within, who shall be formed in every one of you, as he is formed in me.

Will you answer the call?



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