Okay that sounds more ominous than intended when first typed as a title. Yet it has become the de-facto truth of this slimline leather bound New King James Version bible that I have had for over 8 years. Now to be honest it was used to other personal reading, leading study and preaching, but it was the nicest looking bible owned so when funerals came about it was the go to.

The challenge being is that was never the intent, although when is having multitudes of life celebrations in one’s journey the intent? It has served me well in my ministry. On the cover, it is scripted, not with my name, but one simple reminder of what biblical justice and gospel is to me: Robin Hood. My wife has a bible with a character’s name on the cover, so does my son and daughter (the children’s came when they chose the path of living the life of love inspired by the footsteps laid out of Brother Jesus).

So why this character? Simple, this is the meta-narrative that has shaped my understanding of the what it means to live life shaped by the life and teachings of the man Jesus, whose example lays out how to be truly enlightened within the Cosmic Christ.  For Robin had to choose between worldly riches, and living in the Gospel of Scarcity (which leads to control) or to choose love, and live in the Gospel of Abundance/Neighbour. Anyone who has seen any of the films, read the books/comics knows which he chose. And it inspired change (whether it is historically true or not to me is irrelevant, it is what you do with the claim: Robin Hood was right!).

So this brings me after 2ish years of meanderings and letting the Spirit blow through once more to renew, with only one Bible left (for those who have known my journey yes scandalously shocking)…and I have touched upon reading some passages in James and Philippians, but there is an energy that holds me back. That energy is that this was used for funerals. Most strikingly used last when buried my Mum.

So in a month filled with pain and grief, as we mourn newly transitioned and transitioning from an unsafe spiritual home into a new horizon…

I ponder if it may not be time to look into a new Bible for the road ahead, a fresh start or if the lessons learned with this one, and the pain held can be transformed into the new road?



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