Chapter Three-Because its 2016

Posted: December 29, 2016 by Ty in Speare May the Fourth Be With You
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Sax’s jaw couldn’t get any lower at the news. Speare was watching as Natan moved towards sweater vest for an embrace.

Natan held open his arms, and the small account man sunk into him.

“Yes Nate, we are one for ever and always.”

“Yet no more, I told you when I left the circles of home, that there was another.” Natan said. His voice a barely audible whisper beyond sweater vest.

The accountant pushes back.

His eyes have the funky greenish flame glow.

Speare contemplates the year that has been.

The global losses on the scholarly, intellectual, and entertainment world to many to remember in the blink of an eye moment like this…so many gone.  The memes on his Twitter and Facebook feed about protecting Betty White so 2016 doesn’t get her.

His personal losses of friends and family. The prophet John Constantine once said with magic comes pain. He just thought it was a throwaway line from a comic, how sadly wrong he was.

To the corporate pain in the city, despite the lived-in evil that needed to be dealt with John MacCurtis had bound so many together in the fight for good.

How at moments like this…

Speare knows what is to come.

There is a silent resignation.

Sweater looks at Sax, then at Natan. Speare is simply collateral damage in this day’s events.

“Then we all go home.”

Why Speare smirks and laughs as the flames erupt…

Because its 2016….

The End.


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