Occupy Avengers: An early Review

Posted: December 31, 2016 by Ty in Canadian Politics, Current Events, Musings, Spirituality
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I will admit I was part of the Marchin’ Marvel Army as a kid, with a lot of DC thrown in for fun, yet as I aged what I found wonder in with Marvel became event and funky cover driven dreck (this was about the time sealed with Zero Hour, and James’ Robinson’s Starman at DC, matched with amazing stories of Green Arrow, Flash and a returned Superman, but I digress).

I have dabbled back in to Marvel with Disassembled,  Superior Spider-Man and Daredevil, but when something good is happening the next “re-start” event hits and yeah it grows tiresome to need to buy 20 kajillion titles to know what is happening with your character. But thanks to the joy of the Calgary Public Library discovered the Hawkeye series via collected editions. What Fracton and company were doing with Hawkeye (s) was great, getting a real street level of the people hero.

Fast forward a bit an in the comic shop picking up Hellblazer #5 (yeah Suicide Squad ya lost me with this early going cross over with Justice League that stretched an already tight budget). And my eyes fall on a title with Clint Barton a.k.a Hawkeye on the cover, called Occupy Avengers. Okay it sounds like a marketing gimmick tying to the occupy movement of a few years back where the 99% called out the 1%, and besides it was a #2, and in Canada, Marvel titles are like $2 more than DC. Say to myself silently, if they have #1 I will splurge and pick up…dang universe there was #1, so follow through.

Well Walker and Pacheco you created joy I haven’t really had since Starman, and then discovering O’Neill’s Hard Travelling Heroes stories of Green Lantern and Green Arrow. The partnership of Barton and (Red) Wolf—renamed simply Wolf by Barton with the throw away line that speaks volumes of a needed change in the world–Red sounds too racist for this aboriginal hero. To each issue having a different character’s P.O.V., the everyman becoming part of the team…and please–Hydro-Man—woot woot.

But I digress, I may need to check the library for the Civil War II collection to truly read the catalyst for this wandering, where Barton reports he followed through on his friend Banner’s wishes and killed him. Thus making him a pariah with Super Heroes, and a hero to every person who had ever been caught in the Green Goliath’s rampage.

The fact that the first two issue story arc centered on clean water on Rez land speaks volumes not just to an American audience, but to this Canadian reader knowing what our Northern Reserves are struggling with our Federal government over right now.

So yes, keep it up, keep it relevant, so far this is worth the extra money per month and will be my 1 of 2 titles I have budgetted myself to afford. So please no wonky cross-overs or events to scuttle the story that is emerging on the bi-ways and side roads of Marvel’s America.


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