The Quest of Rick Saturn the Bionic Knight Epilogue: Future to Past to Presence tense

Posted: March 19, 2017 by Ty in The Quest of Rick Saturn the Bionic Knight
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You will not find the answer here dear reader on what choice Rick’s soul made at the zenith of his grail quest? Was he taken into the nothingness-beginning with John or did Susan manage to pull him back? Well that is a question that will be answered if the muse strikes for a new adventure or not of this 30 year old character?

What is revealed though in the journey of the Bionic Knight, is for each of us, sometimes there is a need to stop what is safe/familiar and step out into the mystery of the unknown. In the unknown we have the ability to gave into the mysticism of the world around us. Through that mysticism healing, course change or course confirmation may happen.

This is the joy for me each year when the annual Bionic Knight adventure arises, for it enters into my own internal grail quest of discernment. Those moments when I am entering into the interior Alpha-Omega of the interior castle. In those rooms looking inward and outward. When deep questions arise.

So on this darkened Sunday night before the spring equinox, what is asked within each of us is what of the old self is being left behind in the fading winter?

But more importantly, what in the new birth/rebirth of spring is about to be sprung in our life?

(and just a hint on Rick’s choice—there is always the 31st year adventure 😉_)

The New Beginning…





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