The Quest of Rick Saturn the Bionic Knight Part Six: -Finis-

Posted: March 19, 2017 by Ty in The Quest of Rick Saturn the Bionic Knight
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Heath Ledger had a television series that was created by the guy that did Hercules the Legendary Journey and Xena Warrior Princess. It lasted one season in 1997, called Roar. A mystical Celtic fantasy series. That created in one’s mind of the time that the Roar was a place that enters to discourse with the dearly departed who are in between. Not even sure if it was part of the motif of the series, or somehow in my Druid Priest study mind of the time synchronized together to produce this thought.

But anyways, in my own vernacular when Excalibur shattered with the orb and Badger the Camelot universe was reduced to the subatomic level and became part of the cosmic flow once more, no longer a time and place but everywhere at once.

It was the white noise space that existed after in that moment that Pen caused pain in my right arm as it felt like it was separating to grab the soul of John MacCurtis my best friend. Whose simple words as a spectre in a cemetery began this journey and me on sabbatical. Now here we stand (? Float?) in the white noise between realities to contemplate reintegration into the earthly realm, or to join the Cosmic flow.

Pen reminds me to keep powered up. If I were to release the power now I would vanish as physical forms cannot hold in this realm.

But it has been awhile since I had the opportunity to speak to my former partner, friend. The media dubbed him my side kick like in normal super hero culture, but we were friends and partners. “John.”

The floating spectre looks like my friend. Dressed in casual jeans and a black t-shirt. His ankh tattoo on his forearm a reminder of what he did to rescue the very essence that was everything. Now, he is floating before me. “Rick.” I nod. He already knows I won’t even let the helmet vanish to show him my face for even that much flesh revealed would spell my doom. “What happened?”

“You came back from the calamity without Herne. Thor was dormant.” I say.

“My friend, I know all that. I remember Natan’s last exorcism that should’ve been the end, but here we are at the beginning and the end, what scientists term the Big Bang or the Genesis moment.” John Said. Since time is not linear, it exists at the Alpha and the Omega, but also in between.

“Near as I can discern, when that happened and you were to die, Herne attempted to rescue you. You landed in the heart at the centre of the Round Table. While Herne existed in the decomposing body of Badger, not able to escape, not able to cause your release for there was no body for either of you to inhabit.” Recap Ricky I am.

“Okay so how did we wind up here?”

My hand taps the empty scabbard on my hip. “I broke you out by breaking Excalibur and ending Camelot.”

John nods knowingly looking at his mark that went through the physical form to the astral. The shattering causing Camelot and Herne to rejoin the flow to await rebirth. But it still doesn’t answer why we are here. In my hand, I scoop a little of the star dust that creates our bodies. John looks to my hand.

“Come home, John.”

John walks up to me, takes my hand, turns it over and lets the dust escape. “Rick, my time is done. Let me be at peace.”

Time to fight the lump in throat, and the moistening of eyes. Too much water under the bridge. Too many adventures. Hell, too many times literally reality on the line…and we came through in victory. “John… Come home.”

He turns his back on me and spreads his arms wide looking at the nothingness. “I am home Ricky. Finally, one with it all.” He twirls to face me. “Come home Rick?”

I feel the burn of Pen, but more there is peace here. I just have to say it. Bionics Off. Then I am home. Peace. No more fights. No more evil beings. No more universes to save. Simply one with love. Forever and ever amen.

“Bionics O—“

A voice from across the stars. “I love you.”

The words from this morning.

That smile from childhood.

The giggle of adolescence.

Her piercing blue eyes.

The whitening blonde hair.

Her crows feet around her eyes.

The streak of blue flame coloured hair.

Her smile twinkling through the eyes of the twins.

Our twins.

My family.

My love.



John winks.

The white winks out.

I feel the armour fall away from me.

Body full on tingles…

“Susan, I love you.”

To Be Continued…



Future to Past to Presence tense


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