Healing with the Ancestors

Posted: April 8, 2017 by Ty in Spirituality
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I could do a mediumship slight of hand saying I never had proof of the spirits that continue to be with us and guide us in life. BUT those who have ever read me, heard me speak, or spent time in deeper conversations (y’know the kind us introverts enjoy) would see the bullocks espoused.

But what it was an aha moment this week in the ACH with my son post surgery after his duel foot reconstruction that we felt that there was an angel watching over, and yes it was my Dad that noted it.  Y’see my Grandma (the lad’s Great Grandma, and yes the first celebration of life I ever presided over in ministry) was named Iva. It’s a name that I have never encountered in anyone except her in my whole life. My Dad noted never having met another with the name in his life.

Yet here was a student nurse, aiding the team providing care to my boy, who shared her name. After realizing this there was some similarities between the two. More importantly however, there was an explanation of the feeling of peace on the unit post surgery.

So take from it what you will, but if you ask my son, he knows who was in the room supporting him ethereally. For he walks with those who have transitioned, and continue to be important parts of his life, and you see this by simply looking into his diamond shimmer blue eyes and see all those souls of the past reflecting inwards and outwards in the web of love that connects us all.


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