The challenge of renewal is a hard one for many to understand. Within Christendom there is the two major splits folks will look two. Depending on your perspective the Great Schism circa 1054 C.E. when the Patriach of the Eastern Churches ex-communicated the Pope of the Western Churches (and vice-versa) is the first break off of the grand tree of Christendom (though you can back peddle back into the Judaic roots that the tree grew out of and the separate apostles that founded their own styles of Christianities, but I digress even though these support the point).

Then there was the challenge post-black death, when Martin Luther hammered his 95 thesis, and the political powers of the day realized that state churches would bring an influx of land, money, power and control over their serfs. Hence the Reformation, a bloody time indeed.

These ignore the mini-reformations driven out of monastic communities before and after, and what was classed as a Christian heresy for many moons, that begin Islam (colloquially back then as Mohammadans). It also doesn’t touch on the branches sprouting since the Reformation in charismatic, spiritualist, Unitarian, universalist, New Thought, New Monastic, Jehovah Witness, Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, and many others synergetic spiritualities in the colonies to name but a few.

Essentially new births at different life stages. When it appeared, death was about to sound for a spiritual world pre-&post-Enlightenment in the Western World something else comes around. Merton’s renewing Eastern practice, Fox’s Creation Spirituality, Spong’s call for a Change or Death of traditional church, Tutu pushing for love to lead, Day’s community housing of faith and love. New life, new skins, new cloth, not necessarily connecting to the old. But out of the old establishing new life, resurrection.

Reflect on your own life span development. The stepping stones of the past allow you to keep moving forward. But if you try to build them, you get a wall, for that is what stones are for or…you use them to cross the river or build a bridge or a road moving forward. Just like these stories of Brother Jesus within the Aquarian Gospel Chapter 120 .

Brother Jesus reminds Nicodemus, that new and old don’t connect well, they are separate, but from the old new life can come. A leap of faith, not allowing what has happened in the past to hold us back…that is the story of the woman bleeding that no one could heal. She could have so easily let the stepping stones be used to build a wall and lead to death.

Instead she sued the stones to see how different the new path was. The renewed life. Stepping out in faith and love, to be embraced by love.

Finally, in case you missed it, another story to illustrate new life. Childhood growing to adolescence. Yet the same old path, and this poor daughter died. In another village, another household in that day and time, the loss of a daughter’s life would not be a big deal, as they were seen as an economic drain upon the household. Yet they stepped out in faith, the new cloth completely not the new patch on old. They poured new wine into the new wine skin that was the way shown by the love incarnated in Brother Jesus.

All loved. Equally. In Justice and equity.

A 12-year-old girl resurrected to begin a new life path.

Shown as an equal.

Embraced in the love of the Holy Mystery, as the ancient teachings taught, finally actualized.

A few short stories of living parable that lays out the new way. The new life. A renewed and new path.

Each generation we discover new and old ways to connect into the Holy Mystery. And the Holy Mystery does with us. Sometimes the old labels need to be shattered for a community to emerge and live into and out of holy love.

So what labels are holding you back?

These are the old story, the old cloth, the old wine skins.

What is the new story, the new cloth, the new wineskin in your life you are being called into?

What step of love are you called to as the woman who reached out?

What resurrection moment awaits you?

Are you ready to use your past as stepping stones into the new and bold future before you?




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