The Bionic Knight: Vote Day

Posted: September 12, 2017 by Ty in Bionic Knight Pulps
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1 hour to voting.

Not to dispute Einstein, but the gods do play dice.

The blue energy erupted.

Rick Saturn.



Shotgun motioned for paramedics, as a naked teenage girl fell to the ground from being crucified on a pentagram, stripped of the PenDragon power, but still breathing.

He motions for them to get Johnny on to a gurney and hospital bound as well.

Police swarm the building yelling rights.

“Church” (and the term is used loosely) members drop weapons knowing their pontiff is gone and hold their hands behind their head awaiting arrests.

Shotgun wipes blood from his face as Arch-Deacon Gordon Lived swaggers out the front door screaming about his freedom of conscience under the charter.

“Shut the fuck up ya worship!” as McKay’s fist flattens out the current mayor’s nose and two police constables catch the unconscious form before he hits the ground. McKay looks at his pocket watch. “Polls are open, guess ya just mayoral candidate.”

Media flashes are going off as McKay hops in the back of the ambulance with Johnny and speeds away to the hospital.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Susan is simply glad her kids got off to school with little hassle this morning.

She heard the news of the breaking of the siege.

Some media showed up to watch her cast her ballot.

One young reporter looks at her, “Who are your voting for Ms. Kobwash-Saturn?”

“It’s Susan, and I’m voting for the citizens of this city.” As she took her and headed to the cardboard privacy screen to mark her “x”. Silently she says a prayer to whichever deity is watching over her husband, that he finds his way back from wherever he went with the heart of evil. And actually, pondered if the vote would actually change the usual win by incumbents’ due to high voter apathy, low voter turn out in civic politics.

She lightly hummed Toby Keith’s How do you like me now as she walked her ballot back to be dropped in the box and past the media camera snaps and rolling footage.

Where did her soul mate take the heart of evil?

To be Continued…


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