Who is my Neighbour? Stepping Stones…

Posted: November 28, 2017 by Ty in My Neighbour, Spirituality
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J.S. Woodsworth’s follow up to My Neighbour, was Stranger’s at the gate…a treatise on New Canadians. Our nation is built upon multiculturalism. Yes there is a darkness to the beautiful mosaic that we as Canadians need to acknowledge as part of our discourse. Yet reflecting on my own life during this time of neuro uniqueness has opened myself up to an image that sticks in mind from child hood.

We camped at Skunk Hollow just outside of Water Valley. Back in the day it was the still run that may or may not have been run by relatives who also appeared on itinerant preacher rolls of the Methodist Church. Yet it was also how you got across the creek (pronounced crick, just cause we loved driving our mother batty with bad English).  Recent posts one can see in me the journey of now, mixed with the journey of the past.

But like crossing the crick to the other side whether hiking or biking once you stepped on the stones the only way to make it through as the crick flowed swift (and bloody cold) was to move forward or get wet (and not in a fun way). This struck me as I reflect on the idea of neighbour.

We each have our own path that has brought us to the here and now. For some it has been traumatic, others blessing, others a mixed bag…yet it has brought each of us to the NOW.

The challenge of getting to turn the “stranger at our gate” into our neighbour is to accept the now, and make a choice:

Go back over the slippery mossy rocks and get chilly wet or keep moving forward into the new adventures ahead.

What do you choose?

What makes your community better?

What makes you better?

So the water or the adventure?

stepping stones

(with a nod to my inner child that has never left the exterior me).


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