My Neighbour: A Peasant Girl’s act of Faithful Peace that shook her world

Posted: December 12, 2017 by Ty in My Neighbour, Spirituality

Faith. Hope. Joy. Peace. Love. These are the gifts of the Advent season. The awaiting for the brightest light at the darkest time of year. Regardless of the western religion that is adhered to, there are many foundation stories of this time of year.

Within the Christianities, Advent is the time to prepare for the Nativity, the manger, the creche.

The creche, the time end of the beginning of a new story if the community would only accept. One that was not told in blood shed. It is the story of a peasant girl, that the Holy Mystery came to directly for consent to carry a child. A woman who’s contractually obligated betrothed a labourer, Joseph was contemplating the “holy” choices of death by stoning or simply tossing her and the unwanted pregnancy out of bounds of the city (basically destitution and sex trafficking for survival). Divine intervention brought peace into Joseph’s soul, for he became enlightened to truly understand family was not about blood, it was about the existence within the Holy Mystery.  But that is more an aside, for the peace of the story is the story of a girl who had become a woman and created a scandal.

inuit nativity

Mary took a stand for what she believed to be true even though it contradicted everything she was ever taught. She took a stand with one simple word. A leap of faith to transform her world. A leap of faith to shatter the chains of oppression under the Empire and the Empire’s pets (Sanhedrin). It was a leap of faith her family and village/hamlet would be shocked by. For it was a leap of faith they could not see coming from their tribal-patriarchal understanding to one that was cosmic in scope that spoke of personal, communal and world transformation. It was not the warlords that had arisen around the country sides, it was not the zealots or other extremists.


                It was one teenage girl who struggled through shattering the chains of her own oppression. Finding her inner strength. Her inner peace. To speak her faith. And let the divine feminine energy bring light into the world. A light whose teaching, life and actions would so scare the Empire and powers that they would lynch him.

She may or may not have known the outcome. But she knew her yes was the first step of a new world of justice, equality and love…or as the gifts flowed from the Holy Mystery of the time: Hope, Peace, Faith, Joy and the greatest of all, that Mary’s yes, and her baby boy’s life embodied in all that is holy:


How will you be Mary this advent?

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